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Bad conditions of lakes – what can we do? Biological and chemical methods for lake restoration

  • Frede Østergaard Andersen
  • Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark
  • Centre of Lake Restoration (CLEAR)
  • Miércoles 20 de marzo, a las 10:00 en la Sala de Audiovisuales de la Facultad de Ciencias

Many of freshwater lakes are in a bad condition having algal blooms and poor transparency in the lake water after decades of eutrophication. This has caused loss of underwater macrophytes and diversity of animals. According to the European Water Framework Directive, lakes should have a good ecological condition at 2015. However, a majority of the lakes do not live up to these requirements. Therefore lake restorations may be needed. In the lecture, an overview of chemical, biological and physical lake restoration methods and their background will be presented.