Inmaculada de Vicente Álvarez-Manzaneda

Inmaculada de Vicente Álvarez-Manzaneda

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Associate Professor, Department of Ecology

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Contact information:

Phone: +34 958 249768
Fax: +34 958 243093
E-mail: --LOGIN--f11f78acad80d75f731e98c3d979be62ugr[dot]es

Departamento de Ecología
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de Granada
Campus Fuentenueva
18071 - Granada

Google Scholar profile

In 1999, I got my Master degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Granada. During my Ph D I had the opportunity to visit the Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia (Pallanza, Italy) and the Institute of Biology (Odense, Denmark), where I decided to stay later on as a Post Doc. In 2004, I got my Ph D degree (with the special mention of the European Doctorate) in sediment and water interactions in eutrophic shallow lakes. After that, I got a Post Doctoral grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science for staying at the Institute of Biology (Denmark), for 2 years under the supervision of Prof. H.S. Jensen and F. Ø. Andersen. During that stay, I have been especially interested in lake water restoration. In particular, I focused my interest on the chemical processes which interfere in the precipitation of Phosphorus by adding aluminium salts and on quantifying for how long will the adsorption properties of Aluminum salts extend after addition to different lake waters. In February 2007, University of Granada gave me a Reincorporation Contract (“Plan Propio”) for studying the impact of exogenous disturbances in the sedimentation and resuspension processes in El Gergal reservoir (Seville) in the framework of a national Project. Since that time, I am doing research and teaching at the Department of Ecology and at the Water Research Institute of the University of Granada.

  • Research Interest:
    • Eutrophication of aquatic ecosystems: measures for its control
    • Sediment and water interactions inshallow eutrofic lakes
    • Restoration and management techniques of eutrophic lakes
  • Five selected publications:
    • de Vicente, I., F.Ø. Andersen, H.C. Bruun, L. Cruz-Pizarro & H.S. Jensen. 2010. Water level fluctuations may decrease phosphate adsorption capacity of the sediment in oligotrophic high mountain lakes. Hydrobiologia, 651: 253-264
    • de Vicente, I., L. Cruz-Pizarro & F. J. Rueda. 2010. Sediment resuspension in two adjacent shallow coastal lakes: controlling factors and consequences on phosphate dynamics. Aquatic Sciences, 72: 21-31
    • de Vicente, I., A. Merino-Martos, F. Guerrero, V. Amores & J. de Vicente. 2011. Chemical interferences when using High Gradient Magnetic Separation for phosphate removal: consequences for lake restoration, Journal of Hazardous Material, 192: 995-1001
    • Funes, A., J. de Vicente, L. Cruz-Pizarro & I. de Vicente. 2014. The influence of pH on manganese removal by magnetic microparticles in solution. Water Research, 53: 110-122
    • Funes, A., A.I. del Arco, I. Álvarez-Manzaneda, J. de Vicente & I. de Vicente. 2017. A microcosm experiment to determine the consequences of magnetic microparticles application on water quality and sediment phosphorus pools. The Science of the Total Environment, 579: 245-253