Chromophores Toolbox for MatLab

Chromophores Toolbox for MatLab

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This toolbox is released together with the article: Catalá TS, Reche I, Ramón CL, López-Sanz À, Calvo E, Álvarez-Salgado XA, Chromophoric signatures of long-lived microbial by-products in the dark ocean.

Absorption coefficients at specific wavelengths, aλ, are used as proxies of the concentration of CDOM and a wide variety of spectral indices and slopes have provided key information on the origin and molecular structure of CDOM. As the characterisation of specific chromophores is still lacking in the literature we have developed a toolbox to obtain distinct chromophores within CDOM datasets.

The toolbox is adapted to the obtention of two distinct chromophores centred at 302 ± 3 nm (named Ch-UV) and 415 ± 3 nm (named Ch-VIS) by fitting the measured absorbances to the Röttgers & Koch’s equation (2012) and statistically isolating the absorption signal attributable to these chromophores from the standard decreasing exponential curve.


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